Terms of Service

Our personal data protection policy allows us to establish a relationship of trust between you and our services, in order to offer you a positive experience, in a completely transparent manner.

Thanks to this policy, we will be able to take your requirements into account and meet your expectations.

In order to respect your trust, YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME, we guarantee respect of your personal data, as well as the confidentiality of our customers (hereinafter “Your data”).

For perfect transparency towards you, in order to guarantee you a secure use of our website YOUR SITE in all its available versions and related applications (hereinafter the “Site YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME"), we make available the way in which we process your data, so that our services are always consistent with respect for your rights. In this way, we ensure security as well as confidentiality and non-alteration of your privacy and data, across all of our platforms.

Our policy and we guarantee that all necessary precautions to protect all of your data and against disclosure, loss or alteration thereof are taken. This is why we provide you with all the elements allowing you to easily understand our way of processing your data. This data will only be kept for the time necessary for the management and processing determined. You can of course, at any time, have access to your data and modify them, since they will be available on your personal spaces on the site YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME

For these purposes, we endeavor to take all necessary steps to comply with applicable data protection law.

Thus, here undersigned YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME undertakes through this policy of protection of your personal data to respect the essential principles of general European regulation and French law regarding the protection of personal data, by providing you with information concerning the existence and methods of data processing applied here (paragraph 3), the rights you have regarding your data , as well as by applying these rights ourselves (paragraph 6 and 10). Any information relating to possible transfers to a third country or recipients is also made available, as well as the retention period of the collected data (paragraph 5) and security measures (paragraph 9).


When we mention "you" in this Personal Data Protection Policy, it is simply because it is directly linked to you and concerns you as a customer of YOUR NAME / NAME OF THE COMPANY, if you placed an order on the YOUR SITE customer site of YOUR NAME / L'NAME 'COMPANY if you have created a customer account but have not ordered products or services, or have browsed as a visitor to the siteYOUR SITE without having created a customer account or having placed an order.

  1. WHO ARE WE?

YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME is a LTD , registered under number xxxxxxx, represented by YOU, as Chairman and CEO and whose registered office is atYOUR ADDRESS / COMPANY ADDRESS

YOUR NAME / COMPANY NAME publishes the Site YOUR SITEand implements, as such, various processing of your Data as data controller.


3.1. When do we collect your personal data?

Your personal data may be collected if you visit the site YOUR SITEusing cookies, if you create a customer account on the site < b>YOUR SITE , that you place an order for one of our products or services or agree to be a member of our newsletters (SMS, e-mails).< /p>

Your personal data is used to streamline your navigation on the YOUR SITE site, as well as to offer you a more personalized experience. We can as well